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Business people need audio visual and multi-media support. There's the engineer using PowerPoint to make a construction proposal - he's using a data projector so all at the meeting can see his presentation. A pharmaceutical rep is holding a dinner presentation for a select audience of medical professionals - her presentation requires a slide projector and screen.

Visual Technologies has Whatever Your Presentation Requires

LCD data and video projectors, overhead and slide projectors, notebook and desktop computers, audio and video mixers, plasma screens, projection screens, portable (and larger) sound systems, handheld microphones, wireless and speciality microphones, televisions of all sizes, VCRs, DVDs, and much more.

Equipment can be picked up at our office, located at 1620 Burnet Avenue, or we will deliver to your presentation site, where a professional technician will set it up to your specifications.

All of our equipment is quality checked prior to delivery to ensure flawless operation. Have a lot to juggle during your meeting and don't need the extra hassle of learning how to use the equipment you've rented? Visual Technologies can provide a technician to operate the equipment as well.

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