Conferencing Systems

Web Conferencing is an online service by which you can hold live meetings, conferencing, presentations and training via the internet. You can connect to the conference either by telephone or using your computer's speakers and microphone through a VoIP connection.

Audio Conferencing is where two or more people in different locations use technology like a conference bridge to hold an audio call. Audio conferencing is different from a traditional phone call in that all participants dial into a central system that connects them instead of direct dialing each other.

Videoconferencing means to conduct a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data. For example, a point-to-point (two person) video conferencing system works much like a video telephone.    

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Over the past few years with the internet becoming faster and more reliable Web Conferencing has become the popular, efficient, and least expensive way to do conferencing.  Anyone can hold or attended a conference without needing specific equipment, software or services. SKYPE, ZOOM, WebEx, Teams and TeamViewer are just a few ways companies communicate with each other and with their clients in a quick and efficient manner.  Visual Technologies works with several different manufacturers that provide equipment for professional Web Conferencing in all types of conference space configurations.  Huddle spaces, meeting rooms, training rooms, and conference rooms are just a few environments we have installed Web Conferencing technologies in.  Please contact us for help to pick out the best setup for your needs.

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